The insurance and mutual insurance sector is at a turning point. From a protected or sheltered sector, it is being pushed by new entrants: banks, automobiles, neo-insurance, GAFA, who see in the availability of data a way to challenge a traditional model based on proprietary data capital.



From a discontinuous and passive customer relationship, insurance and mutuals are increasingly challenged on response time and proactivity in order to offer an exceptional omnichannel and multimodal customer experience, under penalty of being left on the sidelines of innovation.

In this context, the acquisition, retention and processing of data is key.

In order to innovate, diversify offers and attract customers, artificial intelligence makes it possible to target targeting more precisely.



Thanks to its business and data expertise, Datakeen transforms data into levers for continuous improvement of the customer experience for insurance and mutuals.


Datakeen offers you a tool for fraud detection, churn detection or claim automation.


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