Datakeen can be installed on your servers. In this case, the application is containerized and deployable on Linux machines with Debian or Ubuntu distributions. It will soon be possible to connect Datakeen to your company’s SSO to control your employees’ access.

In SaaS, data flows are secured and encrypted using the TLS protocol.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a data encryption tool. TLS is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication between web browsers and Datakeen servers.

Each client has its own server.

For greater security, data can be anonymized and in some cases it is possible that no data is stored and only the result of data processing is returned.

Datakeen encrypts each model stored on the platform, we talk about server-side encryption. Datakeen uses one of the most powerful block encryption systems available, the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to encrypt data.