Yes, the Datakeen platform:

  • Will help you to structure your knowledge base and data projects
  • Embeds best practices in data science such as data preprocessing, hyperparameter optimization, time series processing
  • Manages the versions of the different open source packages (and avoids compatibility problems, updates, dependencies that generate costs and bugs. Datakeen does this administration for you and saves you precious time, the update of the packages being preceded by a battery of tests
  • Allows you to collaborate with business users easily, thanks to intuitive interfaces that are understandable by non-experts
  • Keep the content and code produced by your team on the same platform, thus promoting the capitalization of resources, sharing, knowledge transfer and avoiding loss in the event of a collaborator’s departure
  • Enable thousands of users to consume a data application in a scalable way
  • Manages the roles and rights of each employee and allows only the necessary data to be shared. All actions on the platform are logged, which simplifies the life of your DPO.
  • Allows production to begin in one click. This saves a heavy handover step between the datascience team and the devops team, which very often generates large round trips about dependencies not available in production or even a complete redesign of the script so that it can run in an integrated way in production.
  • Allows model tracking to monitor and alert administrators of performance decreases.