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Sorting and classifying documents

Our document sorting functionality helps you better organize your content management and electronic archiving solutions. We identify the type of each document and separate them into distinct folders.

Datakeen classification

Organize your documents

Datakeen can help you set up an optimized structure for archiving and document management. We optimize the classification of digital documents. Our document processing solution helps you classify documents according to their type or attachment to a file. Benefit from considerable time savings and precision adapted to each business process.

Document classification

Datakeen helps you classify your documents: Official documents, invoices, pay slips, etc. We take care of sorting documents according to type. In this way, you can easily automate the extraction and control or enrichment of your CRM. Our solution in SaaS mode or available via API enables you to classify paper or electronic documents.

Digital archiving

Our document classification functionality enables you to optimize your archiving tools. With our solution, you can automate the processing of your documents to make your document archives accessible. Efficient sorting makes it easy to manage your documents, build representative dashboards and save time.

Document search

Intelligent document search is an indispensable tool in electronic document management. Datakeen enables you to make your knowledge and training sources available to your teams, while reducing search time. Our tool compares your documents to provide precise answers to your teams' queries.

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Document classification

Our document classification tool uses machine learning techniques to analyze the content of your documents. It extracts key information from the text, such as keywords, subjects and named entities. Using this information, the tool assigns relevant categories or tags to documents, enabling them to be organized efficiently.

Our document classification tool is compatible with a variety of document types, including text documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails and more. As long as the content can be extracted and analyzed, our tool can classify it. It's designed to be versatile and adaptable to a variety of document formats commonly used in business.