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Datakeen identity verification experience

Onboarding & Identity verification

Optimized onboarding and identity verification processes

Streamline your entry and document verification processes. Strengthen your security and fight fraud. Increase your productivity. Our suite of solutions integrates with your mobile and desktop digital processes. Check the identity and document files of your customers, candidates and partners. With efficiency and peace of mind.

Shield KYC check KYC certified

RGPD check RGPD compliant

IDify - ID Check

Verify your customers' identity remotely

Check that your customers, candidates and partners are who they say they are. Check the authenticity of official documents and combat fraud. Check the identity of the holder using photo or video.

Customer file

Check the consistency of a complete customer file

Would you like to check additional documents? Datakeen has a catalog of configurable paths: credit, insurance, rental, suppliers, etc. You can also build your own customized path. Offer your customers a live response.

Age detection

Check majority before granting access

Would you like to check the age of your customers? Whether physical or virtual, our tool lets you check age while maintaining customer anonymity. Reinforce your checks with age detection.

KYC remediation

Ensure ongoing compliance with KYC standards

Maintain compliance with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. Datakeen simplifies and automates your remediation campaigns while providing a seamless experience for your customers.

identity verification trail

Your independence
Our commitment

Datakeen is a French company 🇫🇷
We are partners of the French sovereign cloud Dassault Sytème Outscale to offer you secure processing and storage of your data on a Sec-Num Cloud certified cloud. Maintain your independence and control over your data on a secure French cloud.

Independence FR

Benefit from a French identity verification solution

Sovereign cloud

Data processing and storage on a sovereign cloud Dassault Systèmes Outscale 

SaaS / On Premise / Hybrid

SaaS access, private cloud or on-premise solution: the choice is yours

Document processing

Process 100% of your documents in just a few moments

Check document authenticity and retrieve vital information in a structured way. Save your staff time by reducing time-consuming document processing tasks.


SSL encryption SSL security

Mass processing Batch processing

Doc Check

Automate document processing

Boost your staff's efficiency by automating document processing. Our tool understands, verifies and records the information present on your documents, whether standardized or more specific.

Archive enhancement

Put your archives to work

Your archives are a goldmine of valuable information. They are useful at every level of the company. Informing strategic decisions, sharing knowledge, training new employees, etc. Make your archives accessible with Datakeen.

Discover our document library

Datakeen offers you an extensive library of documents. All document types are supported by our tools. From identity documents to CERFA forms, find the documents you want to process in our library.

ID documents

Identity card, passport, visa, residence permit or driving license

Other docs

Datakeen processes official and customized standardized docs

Docs by country

Discover each version of a document according to its country of issue

Customer relationship management

Streamline every customer's experience

Develop a relationship of trust with your customers thanks to 5-star customer service. Discover our solutions to boost your teams' responsiveness to customer comments and emails. 

Emails and customer reviews

Instant response Reactivity

Heart customer Customer first

Customer reviews

Offer an immediate & tailored response

Our AnswerIA customer review response tool boosts your team's efficiency. In just a few moments, our AI understands the review and writes a personalized response. All you have to do is click send.


Improve responsiveness to customer emails

Do you receive hundreds of emails every day? Our AI processes each email, identifies the final recipient, forwards the email and writes a suggested reply. This saves precious time and reduces response times.

Vision by Datakeen - Video control

Secure your relationships with suppliers and customers

Quality control, object recognition, layout control, event detection, etc. The use cases linked to video detection are numerous. Boost your responsiveness and efficiency with Datakeen Vision.

Instant response Speed

Heart customer Autonomy

Quality control

Automate quality control

Improve the efficiency of your teams and boost customer satisfaction with AI-based quality control. Thanks to the light, modular installation of just a few cameras, our tool detects even the smallest defects in a matter of moments.

Planogram layout

Check planogram layout

Do your sales reps check product layout on the shelf? We can help! Using a photo of the shelf, our AI identifies the products and checks that they conform to the planogram. Products to be relocated are then indicated.

A proven methodology

Do you need a customized tool? Our team can help you build your solution. To ensure that our cooperation runs smoothly, we have put in place a precise methodology. This has been used and optimized in our work with major companies such as Enedis, AirLiquide, BNP and Total Energies.

Datakeen methodology first stage Diagnosis & Framing

A 1st meeting to understand your needs and expectations

Datakeen methodology Design and specification

We offer a range of solutions to meet your needs

Datakeen methodology Evaluation

We assess your requirements and offer you a suitable price

Datakeen methodology Development and testing

We work on your project according to progress points

Datakeen methodology Deployment

We integrate and configure the solution with your in-house tools

Datakeen methodology Follow-up and maintenance

We remain at your side to make any necessary changes.

Ready to get started?

Our experts are available to present our solutions and their benefits for our teams and your company.

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