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Document scanning

Datakeen uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to identify and process added documents. Thanks to advanced training, our AI recognizes handwriting as well as computer characters.

Document scanning

Easily identify your documents

Datakeen helps you identify documents. Our document scanning functionality enables you to identify and extract information. Automate the document OCR process to save time and increase accuracy. Increase the accuracy of your document management, digital archiving, traceability and distribution tools.

OCR document identification

Datakeen helps you capture documents. We use document OCR technology to recognize and identify each scanned document. Our solution is able to recognize the specific features of each document to determine its type. Our extensive database enables us to recognize a wide range of scanned documents, from pdf files to letters and more.

Optical handwriting recognition

Thanks to advanced training, our OCR tool for digitized documents is able to recognize handwriting. Special characters often make handwriting difficult to identify. The artificial intelligence developed by Datakeen enables accurate and reliable extraction of handwritten and typewritten text. Our tools recognize digital documents as well as the photo of a paper document.

Customized grading studio

Our Studio tool lets you add your own documents. With this tool, you can easily sort and classify scanned documents specific to your company. After brief training on a few sample documents, our document scanning solution delivers precise results. This gives your electronic archiving and content management tools a considerable edge.

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Frequently asked questions

Document scanning

OCR and document ocrization are widely used in many applications. Common examples include :

  1. Document scanning: Convert paper documents into digital files for better management and retrieval.
  2. Character recognition on invoices and receipts: Extraction of key information for accounting and expense management.
  3. Automatic translation: OCR makes it easy to translate printed documents into another language.
  4. Archiving and document management: Storage and organization of paper documents in digital form.
  5. Accessibility: Make printed documents accessible to the visually impaired by converting text into audio format.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology for converting physical documents or text images into editable text. Document OCR is the process of converting visual data into digital text. This means that you can take an image of a printed or handwritten document and use OCR software to extract the text from that image, enabling you to copy, edit or search it just like any other text.