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Remote customer onboarding

IDify lets you build a smooth, easy-to-use remote customer onboarding process. Conform your customer onboarding process to AML KYC standards. Verify your customers' identity and boost your conversion rate.

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Boost your KPIs with digital onboarding

Customer onboarding is a crucial element in the customer relationship, and has a significant impact on your conversion rate. Datakeen can help you set up a smooth and rapid onboarding process. We work daily on the customer journey to boost your conversion rate.

rapid identity checks

Streamline the customer experience

No more time-consuming and complex onboarding! With Datakeen, you benefit from optimized customer onboarding paths. Increase the speed and fluidity of your onboarding process.

conversion rate

Conversion rate boost

Thanks to a more pleasant initial contact, you can increase the number of customers who complete their registration. Datakeen ensures that your conversion rate is boosted.

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Increase your efficiency

Automate the verification of your customers' identity and documents at the time of onboarding. Free your staff from manual verification, and reduce processing times for your customers.

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Identity check

Detect fraud at the onboarding stage

When it comes to fighting fraud, onboarding is a key element. This is when you check the customer's identity to exclude potential fraudsters. Put effective anti-fraud tools in place, and deal with your customers with complete peace of mind.

Multiple controls

ID authentication

Our registration process includes an ID check. We then check the authenticity of the official document. Take advantage of our expertise in counterfeit detection to detect document fraud.

PEP politically exposed persons

Face matching

Once the ID has been checked, the user is invited to take a selfie of his or her face. This portrait photo is compared with the one on the ID card. In this way, we check that the face matches the ID.

digital identity protection

Control of sanction bases

Make sure your customers are not on PEP or international sanctions lists. Our tool checks government databases.

Face identification


KYC & RGPD - Get compliant

Your compliance is our priority! Our onboarding process ensures your compliance with KYC AML customer knowledge and anti-fraud standards. At the same time, Datakeen respects the RGPD and the confidentiality of customer data.


Fight fraud effectively and secure your processes. Raise your registration process to AML KYC standards. These measures require verification of the identity of each customer at the time of registration. 


Protect the identity and confidentiality of your customers' information. Our tools comply with the General Data Protection Regulation or RGPD. What's more, data transmitted is always secure and encrypted.

Boost your digital onboarding

Would you like to set up an effective digital onboarding process? Our experts can answer all your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

Automated onboarding

Datakeen's automated onboarding is designed to simplify identity verification for your customers when they sign up. Our AI remotely authenticates credentials by verifying correspondence with added credentials, strengthening your company's security against fraud and identity theft.

When you automate customer onboarding with Datakeen, our AI authenticates official documents in real time. It verifies the various checkpoints present on identity documents and uses advanced training to detect any falsification of these documents. This guarantees the integrity of your registration processes.

Selfie or video control is essential for strengthening your company's security, especially if you operate in the financial, banking or insurance sectors. After adding their identity document, users are invited to take a photo or video of themselves. Our artificial intelligence checks that these images match the photo of the official document, reducing the risk of identity theft.