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Intelligent vision and image analysis

Our image and video analysis capabilities help you optimize your visual inspections. Improve the efficiency of checks on your manufacturing lines, inbound and outbound checks and in-store checks.

Quality control

Datakeen checks the quality of your products. Using images of your product, we check its correspondence to the registered model and detect possible defects.


Movement tracking

Our tool tracks moving objects using your camera network. We spot a car, a bike, a person, an animal, an object, a product, ... and follow its movements in real time.


Identification of objects and persons

We quickly identify objects, products, people and places that appear in a photo or video. Our software can distinguish colors, materials and shapes to locate a specific model.


Counting objects and people

Our tool differentiates and counts similar elements that are present in an image or video. View the results in real time from our interface.


Event detection

We spot specific events when they occur. Our software quickly detects events related to the presence or absence of an element in the camera.