Automatic quality control

Automatically check the quality of all products and objects at key points in your supply chain. Ensure the quality of products delivered by your suppliers and the satisfaction of your customers. Reduce defective products, increase customer loyalty and boost sales.

35% of supply chain disruptions originate from 1st-tier suppliers

Optimize quality control

Up to 100 products analyzed per minute

Check every product before shipping

Reject defective products as soon as they arrive at the warehouse

Optimize your supply chain management

Check the quality of delivered products

Stop losing money on defective products delivered to you. Take advantage of our automated quality control system and reject products that don't meet agreed standards. Easily install our solution on your supply chain and track every delivery on our control interface.

Ensure the quality of products shipped

Check the quality of each product before shipping. Discard products that don't meet your quality standards, and ensure customer satisfaction. With our shipment management tool, you can easily track each shipment and build stronger trust with your customers.

Get a global view of deliveries and shipments

Our visualization tool keeps track of all the checks carried out at different points in your supply chain. Compare data to check the reliability of your suppliers. Find the complete history of controls to be able to provide evidence for your arguments. 

Our technology

Based on artificial intelligence, our technology enables you to check the quality of many products in record time.

After a short training session, our solution is able to identify all your products and detect even the slightest differences.