Automated processing of credit files

With Datakeen, automate document processing, verification and scoring of credit files. Streamline the customer experience with immediate processing and rapid response. Reduce risk with high-precision anti-fraud controls and analysis.

6% of identity documents used for administrative purposes are falsified.


Enhance customer experience, reduce risk

Collect and check customer documents in real time

Streamline the customer experience with faster processing times

Reduce your staff's workload

Reduce risk with precise scoring of each file

Automate online customer onboarding

Increase conversion and sales with a smooth onboarding process. Let your customers register and submit their documents on your web platform independently. Credentials are analyzed, verified and authenticated in real time. Our hybrid processing system enables validation by our proprietary platform and by dedicated experts.

Comply with KYC and AML regulations

Automate the onboarding process while complying with current regulations. Our solution validates each user's identity using a facial recognition system. Trust your customers and avoid problems of identity theft and document falsification.

Give each credit file a reliability score

Reduce your risk thanks to precise scoring of each customer file. Our solution calculates this score based on configurable criteria and data collected on past credit results. Choose whether or not to require prior AI validation, and reduce your response time.

Our technology

Based on artificial intelligence, our technology is both highly efficient and highly adaptable. Its precision is the result of customized training for each company.

After learning from the history of credit files already processed, our solution can detect patterns and adapt the score given to each credit file.