France 2030: Datakeen - A sovereign alternative

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Public Sector, Document processing

As part of its France 2030 program, France is exploring local alternatives to international giants such as Microsoft. One of these alternatives is Datakeen, a French start-up offering a promising sovereign solution for document processing.


France 2030 program presentation


In a few figures, France 2030 means 54 billion euros invested over 5 years, including 8.4 billion in the first year. It also means 2,200 forward-looking projects supported and financed throughout the country.


The aim of the France 2030 project is to respond to the major challenges of today, in order to Produce Better, Live Better and Understand Better. To achieve this, 6 levers for success are highlighted. Datakeen is part of the next one: "Mastering sovereign and secure digital technologies".


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France 2030 : The quest for digital sovereignty


Digital sovereignty in France


Digital sovereignty has become a priority for France, which is seeking to protect its sensitive data and guarantee its ability to make independent decisions in the digital field.


Dependency risks


Dependence on foreign technology companies exposes France to potential risks, such as loss of control over its sensitive data and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


Local alternatives


To reduce these risks, France is actively exploring local alternatives for document processing. The aim is to encourage the emergence of national companies capable of meeting document processing needs. This is where Datakeen comes in.

Datakeen: A sovereign solution


Who is Datakeen?


Datakeen is a French startup specialized in document processing. We offer advanced solutions for document processing and data analysis. We cover a wide range of needs, from enterprises to government institutions.


State-of-the-art technology


Datakeen relies on cutting-edge technology. First and foremost, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to process documents with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. This technology enables Datakeen to compete with the international giants of the sector.


Datakeen benefits


Data security


Data security is a major concern in the digital age, and Datakeen excels in this area. The company implements a series of advanced measures to ensure that its customers' data is optimally protected.


One of Datakeen's key features is its use of end-to-end data encryption. This means that all data, whether sensitive documents or critical information, is encrypted at every stage of processing. In addition, Datakeen uses anomaly detection and constant monitoring techniques to spot any suspicious activity and react quickly to any potential threat.


This combination of advanced security measures ensures that customer information is safe from intrusions and data breaches. This makes Datakeen a trusted option for organizations concerned about the protection of their sensitive data.


Local control


Local control is an essential element of digital sovereignty, and Datakeen offers French customers a unique opportunity to reinforce this control.


By choosing Datakeen, companies and institutions can rest assured that their sensitive data remains under the jurisdiction and supervision of the French authorities. This means that government information, confidential data and sensitive documents do not leave French territory without explicit authorization.


Datakeen is also committed to complying with local data protection regulations. In this way, we guarantee compliance with France's strict data protection laws. This approach reinforces customers' confidence in Datakeen as a trusted partner for the management of their critical data.


Easy integration


Seamless integration with existing systems is one of the hallmarks of our company. We understand the importance of minimizing disruption when implementing new document processing solutions. That's why Datakeen has developed standard APIs and protocols that enable seamless compatibility with existing IT systems.


Whether in private companies or government institutions, Datakeen can be seamlessly integrated, avoiding major costs and delays. This ease of integration makes Datakeen an attractive solution for those looking to enhance their infrastructure without major disruption.


Technical support


Datakeen is committed to providing first-rate technical support to its customers. One of the company's key strengths is its qualified technical support. This enables us to provide personalized responses to each customer. Customers benefit from fast, efficient assistance in solving any technical problems or answering any questions.


This proximity and responsiveness are essential to guarantee the smooth operation of document processing systems. Datakeen also offers comprehensive maintenance contracts. These ensure that solutions remain up-to-date and efficient over time. Customers can rest assured that their investment is backed up by reliable, competent technical support.


Challenges to overcome


International competition


Datakeen faces fierce competition in the global document processing market. Well-established international companies are present, requiring a solid strategy to gain market share.


Adoption and trust


Winning the trust of French companies and institutions is a major challenge for Datakeen. Convincing key players of the added value of their local solutions requires an ongoing effort.




In conclusion, Datakeen is emerging as a sovereign alternative to Microsoft for document processing in France in 2030. The quest for digital sovereignty and the advantages Datakeen offers in terms of data security and local control make it a promising option. However, challenges remain, including international competition and the need to win the trust of the local market.


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Datakeen's solutions are versatile and can benefit a variety of sectors. Private companies, government institutions, healthcare organizations, law firms and many more can benefit from Datakeen's document processing capabilities. Many other sectors can benefit from Datakeen's document processing capabilities. We help these players to improve their operational efficiency and information management. Datakeen's adaptability makes it an attractive option for many industries.

Benefits include protection of sensitive data and compliance with local regulations. But also responsive technical support, customized solutions, and support for the local economy.

Digital sovereignty refers to a country's ability to make independent decisions in the digital domain. This is achieved by minimizing dependence on foreign players. Digital sovereignty is also achieved by relocating data to sovereign servers in France. In this way, the use of confidential and personal data is governed by French legislation.