Job title
Sales Development Representative - Part-time

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), your role is to contribute to Datakeen's growth by generating as many sales proposals as possible.

You'll be learning at high speed and evolving in a friendly, challenging environment. The aim is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible so that you can independently manage the pipeline of deals from €0 to €10k.

You'll be working in a friendly, challenging environment on innovative, promising issues at the heart of Artificial Intelligence.


Improving and changing the world by bringing the best of ethical Artificial Intelligence technology to the greatest number of people, streamlining user experiences and enabling employees in companies and organizations to achieve operational excellence.

We democratize artificial intelligence to bring its benefits to human beings: users and employees of companies, and to work towards improving relations between companies and human beings, as well as revaluing human work and restoring meaning to work.

Datakeen is the publisher of a platform of Artificial Intelligence solutions. We offer several solutions:

  • IDify is an identity verification solution that optimizes the customer experience by offering live authentication and registration of identity documents.
  • VerifIA is a universal document classification and verification solution that recognizes all types of documents and extracts information of interest.
  • AnswerIA is a solution for suggesting automatic responses to customer reviews, e-mails and complaints. The solution offers intelligent, contextualized and rapid responses.
  • Vision by Datakeen is a product and object identification and counting solution for smart warehouses and smart cities.
  • Identify opportunities, key contacts linked to these opportunities and contact prospects (e-mail, telephone, linkedin)
  • Win and conduct a maximum number of discovery interviews to qualify prospects' needs
  • Follow up on your portfolio of prospects arriving via our website and our marketing efforts (e.g. trade shows, etc.) - you will manage sales from 0 to 10k€ from start to finish.
  • Know how to qualify deals in order to pass them from large companies to the Business Developer
  • Create and test sales prospecting pitches
  • Analyze sales prospecting data to identify areas for improvement and formulate strategic recommendations
  • Make suggestions to optimize sales performance
  • Monitor your sales performance and help prepare sales reports
  • You will work closely with the business developer and the marketing team.

You pick up the phone faster than a speeding bullet to get qualified appointments.
You're structured, organized and autonomous.
You're keen to take on new challenges and you love talking and convincing.
You're in your 1st or 2nd year of a work-study program at a leading business school, and you've already had one or more sales experiences that have convinced you of your career plans.
Energetic and determined, you have a strong commercial DNA, you're passionate about customer contact, proactive and combative, you like to communicate and exceed your objectives.
You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and your written and spoken French is impeccable.
You have the soul of a salesperson: you have an excellent sense of contact, you like to go beyond your limits and you feel comfortable knocking on even closed doors.
Your future manager will often say that everything can be learned except your affinity for human relations.
Ideally, you've completed a 5-year degree in business at a business school or university.
You have a good knowledge of digital tools such as CRM Sales and marketing automation.
You know how to ask the right questions to understand customer issues and build trust.
Ideally, you have a first B2B sales experience that speaks for itself.
Interested in discovering new technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
You want to learn quickly in a stimulating environment.

Job benefits
  • A highly formative experience in complex sales based on innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology
  • Learn quickly and well in a supportive team
  • Support from sales experts (contract value >+200 million)
  • Partial teleworking possible
  • Luncheon vouchers
  • Team activities once a month
Job location
Grande Arche de la Défense, Puteaux, Île de France, 92800, France
Remote work possible
Job start date
Contract duration
12 to 24 months
Type of position
Internship, Work-study
Opening hours
Publication date
June 14, 2023
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