Scoring rental files

Collect supporting documents, check their authenticity, make sure the file is complete and give each tenant a score. All time-consuming and tedious tasks that can be automated. Reduce risk and save time with our solution, developed in partnership with experts in verification and scoring.

67% of rental owners say they have already experienced an attempted fraud


Reduce risk, facilitate selection

Automatically collect supporting documents

Streamline onboarding and improve the customer experience

Reduce risk, fraud and identity fraud

Give each rental file a reliability score

Offer candidates a frictionless experience

Thanks to our automated onboarding solution, future tenants can easily register their information and documents. Check documents for authenticity and build up the rental file in real time. Offer prospective tenants an exceptional experience and optimize the chances of them coming back to you for their final decision.

Track the progress of rental files in real time

Provide both prospective tenants and landlords with relevant information about progress in the rental process. Accurately estimate how long it will take to find a tenant, and easily adjust rent levels. 

View the precise score of each rental request

Take advantage of our solution to view in detail the score of each rental file. Minimize risk and select the profile that best meets the criteria that matter to you. Our scoring tool adapts to your criteria and their individual weighting in the rental file scoring process.

Our technology

Based on artificial intelligence, our technology is both highly efficient and highly adaptable. Its precision is the result of customized training for each company.

After learning from the history of rental files already processed, our solution can detect patterns and adapt the score given to each applicant.