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by | Oct 3, 2023 | Public Sector, Document processing

Document management is an essential part of most businesses and organizations. Whether dealing with invoices, contracts, reports or other types of business documents, effective electronic document management is crucial to the smooth running of a business. In this article, we'll explore the role of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools in document management. We'll highlight how OCR can improve productivity, reduce costs and facilitate data search and retrieval.


What is OCR?


OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology for scanning and digitizing paper documents. This is done in order to convert them into digital files, usually in PDF format. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a process that automatically recognizes and extracts the text contained in a scanned document.

OCR software analyzes images, scanned documents and PDF files to recognize the characters present. This character recognition process is essential for making scanned documents and PDF files editable. It transforms content into editable text.

Once the characters have been recognized, the OCR software converts the file into an editable text format, such as Word or RTF. Thanks to OCR, it is also possible to extract text from several scanned pages in a single file batch. This facilitates electronic document management (EDM). It also saves time during indexing and archiving. What's more, OCR recognizes fonts and can preserve the document's original layout during conversion. Some OCR software even offers advanced features, such as handwritten text recognition or barcode conversion.


The benefits of OCR in document management


Paper document extraction with OCR


One of the most obvious advantages of OCR is its ability to extract information from handwritten and typescript documents. It enables companies to quickly convert huge quantities of physical documents into editable digital files. This simplifies storage, retrieval and management. OCR also helps reduce the cost of electronic storage space.


Efficient OCR-based search and retrieval


OCR makes document retrieval child's play. Users can search for specific keywords or phrases in a large set of documents. In this way, you can easily save precious time. There's no need to manually sift through stacks of paper or files containing thousands of documents.


Task automation


The integration of OCR into document management systems enables many tasks to be automated. Invoices, for example, can be scanned. Important information, such as amounts and invoice numbers, can be extracted automatically. This reduces human error, speeds up processes and improves accuracy.


Improving compliance with OCR


Document management is often subject to strict regulations, particularly when it comes to document retention. OCR can help ensure that all necessary documents are properly stored and archived. This helps maintain compliance with current laws and regulations.


In conclusion


Electronic Document Management (EDM); Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions; and EDM software. These tools help companies optimize their document lifecycle. As a result, they can achieve significant time savings in their business processes, and implement collaborative management of document flows. What's more, document dematerialization is becoming a key element in the digital transformation of organizations. It improves efficiency and document traceability, while reducing costs.


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Frequently asked questions

It's very simple: select the OCR software you want to use, then import the scanned document you want to transform. To do this, go to your files and drag and drop your document (otherwise, select the file). Wait a few minutes, then download and save your Word file. There are many free converter options available on the Internet.

Each optical recognition software has its own features. Some allow you to retain the page layout, and give you the option of selecting the format to which you wish to export your document. Others give you no choice.

An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution is software that transforms paper documents or scanned images into editable text. It uses algorithms to recognize characters, enabling search, indexing and conversion of handwritten or printed data into editable electronic formats, such as text, PDF or Word. This technology improves document management efficiency, reduces storage costs, facilitates searching, and accelerates business processes.