Checking planograms

Check the correct layout of your planograms using a smartphone or camera. Our solution recognizes your products and compares their location with the planogram. Save time and unnecessary expense by ensuring that your products are correctly arranged on gondolas, displays and point-of-sale advertising.

70% of purchasing decisions are based on the position of items on the shelf

Control your product layout, optimize your sales

Check the location of your products in seconds

Minimize lost revenue due to non-compliance with planograms

Make it easy for your sales team

Increase sales with optimal product layout

Quickly check product layout

Check the placement of your products on shelves or in point-of-sale displays with a simple photograph. Our solution quickly recognizes your products and shows you whether they're in the right place on the corresponding planogram. Save time and check all your devices to maximize your revenues.

Benefit from an interface specially designed for sales staff

Our interface, specially designed for sales reps, shows which points of sale to monitor and which are complying with the specified planograms. Use our tool to organize your schedule of in-store visits and make sure that the planned devices are properly set up.

Easily estimate losses and gains at the point of sale

Evaluate the losses caused by even the slightest positioning differences between the planogram and reality. You can also use our tool to estimate the potential gains generated by more advantageous positioning.

Our technology

Based on artificial intelligence, our technology enables you to identify and check the layout of your various products in just a few seconds.

Following a learning process based on your previous data, our solution can accurately measure the potential results of on-shelf positioning.