About us

Who we are

Datakeen publishes software powered by artificial intelligence for companies of all sizes. We help our customers save time, improve reliability and increase customer satisfaction.

Our AI platform, available via API, is easy to integrate and designed to enhance the end-user experience. Our high-performance, sovereign tools are winners of France 2030's "Cloud Collaborative Office Suites" call for projects, aimed at creating trusted national office tools.

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Our team

Datakeen was founded in 2017 by Bruno Hamy and Gaël Bonnardot and now has 15 employees. The company is self-financed and our solutions are based on our proprietary R&D.

Our team is made up of seasoned experts in data-science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of our customers' business needs to deliver customized, innovative solutions.

We accelerate

We automate

We make it reliable

Save time

Streamline the customer journey

Improving product quality

Making internal processes more reliable

Our values

Datakeen's DNA

We firmly believe that technology should be put at the service of people, and we strive to create an environment where ethical values, transparency and accountability are at the forefront. Through our work, we aspire to have a positive impact on society and foster a future where AI is used ethically and responsibly for the collective well-being.


We aim to provide the highest quality products, services and results to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


We encourage creativity, a spirit of exploration and a constant search for innovative solutions to our customers' complex challenges.


We emphasize the importance of people in the use of AI. We are guided by strong and transparent ethical principles.

Our vision

Harmonizing AI and people

As a player in artificial intelligence, we want to bring the benefits of AI to customers, users, employees and companies. We're working to improve the relationship between companies and people, to give meaning back to work.

We want to shape a world where work regains its meaning, where professional interactions are rewarding, and where businesses thrive thanks to the intelligent integration of AI.

Our mission

We democratize artificial intelligence

We work every day to bring the best of ethical Artificial Intelligence technology to as many people as possible. We help companies make their user experience more fluid. We enable the employees of companies and organizations to achieve operational excellence.

More about us

Datakeen is a pioneer in the field of AI. Find out more about our day-to-day work in this video featuring Nicolas, data scientist at Datakeen.

Our teams take part in numerous events on artificial intelligence. Find out more about our events and come and meet us.