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Inventory management and stocktaking

Automate inventory management and benefit from accurate and immediate tracking. Our tool identifies each product to show you where it is in real time.

Easier management

Don't worry about inventory management, our tool takes care of everything

Continuous observation

Enjoy uninterrupted control of every element

Performance reports

Optimize your inventory for each item with our customized reports

Is it for you?

Rising storage costs and the risks of just-in-time supply. This is the dilemma of the supply chain. Our solution helps you manage your current inventory. Our interface measures your usage of each item to allow you to adapt your storage strategy.

How does it work?

Our tools control and identify each element entering or leaving storage

We check the stock differences and the use of raw materials

Our tool checks the respect of the delivery time

You receive an alert when it's time to reorder


is the approximate cost of storage in relation to the value of the stock itself

Why choose Datakeen?

Our inventory management solution helps you set up a robust and efficient system. We take into account all the components related to the supply chain to send you order alerts at the right time.

Real-time identification and counting of all items in your inventory

Control of the delivery time and the quantities used for an optimal supply

Decrease in cost of ownership, cost of failure and losses

Tracking of costs and ideal running from our user interface

Learn more about our features

Learn more about our features

Intelligent vision

Object identification

Identify your objects and products on your video stream. Our software distinguishes colors, materials and shapes to identify a specific model.


Intelligent vision

Motion tracking

Track moving objects using your camera network. We track each product and follow its movements in real time.


Intelligent vision

Counting objects

Differentiate and count your products from a video feed. View the results in real time from our user interface.