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Automated onboarding

Create a smooth, automated enrollment process. Build a smooth customer experience while automatically verifying submitted documents in real time.

Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience with a smooth onboarding process

KYC Compliance

Automatically verify the identity of your customers

Registration Boost

Enhance your brand image with our intuitive interface

Is it for you?

Our automated onboarding solution evolves your enrollment system to expand your business capabilities. Streamline the customer experience with immediate registration. Showcase your company's reliability and comply with KYC and AML regulations.

How does it work?

Your customer fills in the fields of the registration form

Attachments and customer identity are verified

Our tool validates the information or requests changes

The registration is finalized and registered in your database


of users do not complete the onboarding phase of online banking

Why choose Datakeen?

Our tools help you improve the fluidity and security of your onboarding process. Our experts ensure the reliability of our system to boost your business growth.

Automatically add documents and customer information to your database

Build a simplified registration process to convert more customers

Reduce fraud through careful verification of your users' identities

Reduction of your employees' workload and associated costs

Learn more about our features

Learn more about our features

Intelligent treatment

Document recognition

Automatically identify documents based on their format and key information.


Intelligent treatment

Information extraction

Automate the capture and extraction of essential information from your documents and add it to your database.


Intelligent treatment

Document classification

Group similar or related records together. Organize your database to conduct accurate analyses.