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Our solutions for your business

Our industry-specific solutions are tailored to the needs and uses of your employees. We design specific, intuitive interfaces to optimize your efficiency and responsiveness.


Our solutions for Marketing

Datakeen provides you with the tools to improve the customer experience while optimizing your responsiveness. Our integrated solutions help you to enhance your customer relationships, and to drill down into your analysis to better understand their needs.

Human Resources

Our solutions for HR & interim

Datakeen helps you manage administrative tasks. Our integrated solutions let you automate repetitive HR tasks, so you can focus on what really matters.


Our solutions for Salespeople

Datakeen strengthens your customer relationships while increasing the negotiating power of your sales force. Our integrated solutions monitor your customers' reliability and provide you with personalized reporting.

Supply Chain

Our solutions for the Supply Chain

Datakeen optimizes your flow and inventory management. Our integrated solutions control your orders, deliveries and shipments to build a relationship of trust with your suppliers and customers.

Customer Relations

Our solutions for Customer Relations

Datakeen increases the responsiveness of your customer service. We help you develop a customer-centric approach. Datakeen helps you improve your customer relations and increase engagement and referrals.