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HR & Temp Agencies

Automate administrative tasks for a more human service

With Datakeen, you can spend more time supporting your employees. We automate repetitive tasks such as onboarding, processing of supporting documents and payroll management.

Fluid experience

Reduce friction points by automating certain repetitive processes

Time saving

Don't waste time transcribing your employees' information

Load reduction

Let your employees add and modify their information

Our integrated solutions

Our integrated solutions focus on several functionalities to help you increase the efficiency of your processes. Reduce the workload of your employees while maintaining a high level of quality. Provide a smooth, reliable and fast service to your employees. We can help you set up a process for onboarding new employees and processing supporting documents.

Documentary processing

Automated onboarding

Create a smooth, automated enrollment process. Build a smooth customer experience while automatically verifying submitted documents in real time.


Documentary processing

Document processing

Capture important information from your documents. Verify the authenticity of official documents and the completeness of personalized documents.

Datakeen - KYC document processing