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Capture information from your digitized archives and make it available. Our Doc Check archive enhancement tool identifies the nature of the documents and extracts the relevant information. Don't let your archives gather dust!

Archive enhancement
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All documents

Datakeen takes care of all your documents, even the most specific ones. Our AI Studio tool lets you process your customized documents.

time saving

Fast processing

Doc Check can process thousands of documents every minute. Our tool saves you precious time on every document.


Provision of services

Your archives are structured and made available via an internal search engine. So you can find the information you're looking for very quickly.


Compliance assured

Are you required by law to digitize your archives? We can provide you with the best possible structure to comply with regulations.

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An A to Z solution for your archives

sorting and classification


Your documents are sorted by type. Doc Check recognizes the nature of each document, enabling precise sorting and additional filters.

text information


Information about your archive documents is extracted. Our AI also recognizes handwritten text. The data is stored in your DB.



You can easily search for information in your archives. Automatic analyses are implemented by AI, based on the data.

Structure your data

Nearly 60% of companies find that they are missing out on certain opportunities offered by their archives.

Time spent manually sorting and analyzing documents can lead to delays in decision-making. It's a repetitive and often daunting task, due to the sheer volume of documents to be processed. 

Keeping structured archives enables you to make informed decisions. Implementing an archive management solution like Datakeen will optimize your processes. Our tool optimizes archive management and saves you valuable time.

structuring archive data
search among archived documents

Reduce search time

On average, companies spend 20% of their time searching for data stored in their archives.

This represents 1 day a week spent searching for information in databases.

Archive enhancement tools play a key role in digital transformation. They provide advanced search, indexing and analysis functionalities. Optimize the use of resources and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

By adopting an archive enhancement tool, search time can be significantly reduced. Archive enhancement tools enable you to make this information available to employees. So everyone in the company can search efficiently.

Discover hidden impacts

Archive enhancement is more than just organizing and digitizing documents. It's a unique opportunity to explore your company's history. This, with the aim of detecting hidden trends, patterns and incidences.

Take advantage of analysis and machine learning tools like Doc Check. We take your analysis to the next level.

  • Find out about long-term consumption habits.
  • Identify past success factors.
  • Anticipate potential problems by examining past mistakes.

Benefit from the competitive advantage of archive enhancement 2.0.

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Up to 20 times faster than manual processing

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Add value to all your archives in just a few moments

Our archive enhancement tool processes thousands of archives in just a few minutes. We help our customers to free themselves from repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Let's get started together, right now!

DocCheck for all your documents

Take advantage of our document library: We've trained Doc Check on thousands of document types. So you can easily make the most of all the documents in your archives. Your documents are identified and their information extracted with a high success rate.

Use Doc Check for your personalized documents: Would you like to use our archive enhancement tool for your personalized documents? Our studio platform makes it possible! Process all your company-specific documents with Doc Check's Studio.

Our platform is already available: Start automating archive enhancement today! Our Doc Check platform is available as SaaS. Sign up and try it today!

Benefit from full integration: Access your personal API keys from your Doc Check administration interface. Integrate our tool into your interfaces and automate archive enhancement from A to Z.

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Find out more about archive enhancement

Ready to benefit from archive enhancement?

Our experts are available to show you our archive enhancement tool. Easily process all your archives for future use.

Frequently asked questions

Archive enhancement

Our archive enhancement solution is easily integrated via API. Once your tools are connected, our platform manages your archives asynchronously. In just a few days, all your documents are processed and you can use the archive consultation tool.

Archive enhancement enables your company to exploit the hidden potential of your historical data. It enables you to discover valuable trends, patterns and opportunities buried in your archives. This can improve your decision-making, optimize your business processes and boost your competitiveness.

Archive enhancement tools use technologies such as text analysis, machine learning and indexing. Using these technologies, they examine and organize your archives. They enable you to search for information quickly. But also to identify patterns and generate reports based on historical data.

Legal and regulatory compliance is essential when adding value to archives. Recovery tools must comply with data security standards. They must also guarantee that information is managed in accordance with confidentiality requirements.

Archive enhancement can be applied to a variety of archive types, whether physical or digital. These may include:

  • paper documents,
  • photographs,
  • digital files,
  • audiovisual recordings,
  • transaction data
  • and much more.

Archive enhancement is the process of transforming and optimizing historical data and documents stored over time. This involves digitizing, indexing and analyzing archives to extract relevant, usable information.