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by | May 3, 2023 | Customer Reviews

When looking for a business online, consumers often turn to customer reviews. They do the same when making a purchasing decision. According to BrightLocal, 91% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a local business. So, let's explore the importance of each customer review for SEO. In this article, we'll also look at how to use customer reviews to improve online visibility.

The importance of customer feedback for local SEO.

Customer reviews are considered a local ranking signal.

First of all, it's important to realize that customer reviews are proof of good service. Google wants to put customers and their satisfaction at the heart of its algorithm. To achieve this, the platform uses customer reviews to rank you on the SERPs (Search Engine Research Page). All search engines similar to Google use ranking signals to determine the relevance and quality of search results. Customer reviews are considered one of these ranking signals. They provide valuable information to search engines about the quality of a company, which can have a direct impact on local rankings.

Customer feedback increases consumer confidence.

Customer feedback can also increase consumer confidence in a company. Indeed, consumers are more likely to do business with a company that has good online reviews. So positive reviews can help you stand out from the competition and position yourself as a leader in your sector.

Customer reviews provide valuable feedback.

Customer feedback is also a source of valuable advice that can be used to improve the services provided by the company. In fact, customers can give feedback on products, services, return policies, etc. In this way, it's easier to identify areas for improvement and make changes to enhance the overall customer experience.

Customer feedback encourages commitment.

Positive and negative customer feedback helps to build engagement. Indeed, when a company responds to reviews, it shows that it takes customer feedback into account. Following up comments and replying again when a significant change has been made can also be valuable. This encourages customers to give the company a second chance. In this way, customers can be encouraged to leave more reviews and continue to do business with the company.

How can you use customer reviews to improve your local SEO?

Ask customers to leave a review.

The first step in using customer reviews to improve local SEO is to ask customers to leave a review. You can send a follow-up e-mail after a transaction to ask customers to leave a review. It's also a good idea to include a link to the reviews on the company's website.

Respond to every customer comment.

It's important to respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative. In this way, you show that you are attentive to your customers' concerns and willing to resolve problems. What's more, by responding to positive reviews, you're thanking your customers for their support and encouraging other customers to leave reviews.

Share reviews on your website and social networks.

You can also share positive reviews on your website and social networks. This can help reinforce your brand image. Sharing customer reviews also helps to show that other customers are satisfied with your products or services. Indeed, potential customers are more likely to do business with a company that has positive online reviews.

In brief

Finally, every customer comment is extremely important for local SEO. They provide valuable information about the quality of your business. They also increase consumer confidence in your brand. Local businesses should therefore ask all their customers to leave reviews. It's also a good idea to respond professionally. Then they can use the feedback to improve their customer experience. By using customer reviews effectively, you can improve your online visibility. The more visible you are, the more you position yourself as a leader in your sector. This strengthens your credibility and your customers.


Are customer reviews more important than content for local SEO?

No, customer reviews are not more important than content for local SEO. Content is still considered the most important factor for SEO. However, customer reviews can have a significant impact on your local ranking.

How can I deal with negative customer feedback?

It's important to respond quickly and professionally to negative reviews. Show that you're taking the customer's feedback on board, and that you're willing to make changes to improve their experience. Also, offer a solution to solve their problem and invite them to contact your company to discuss their concerns.

Management of customer reviews

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