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The Datakeen approach

Would you like to benefit from the latest artificial intelligence revolution to improve your customers' experience or automate your processes? 

Our experts will help you realize your project. Benefit from the expertise of our engineers, specialists in generative AI. 

The Datakeen Services team will support you throughout your project, from identifying your use cases to defining and implementing your innovative solution based on Datakeen technologies.

datakeen consulting
Use case design

Identifying use cases

  1. Improve and streamline the customer experience
  2. Automate your processes and make them more reliable
  3. Take advantage of the new possibilities offered by Generative AI
datakeen project framing

Framing the project

  1. Budget estimate for this project
  2. Schedule definition
  3. Methodology: Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid depending on your needs

Design and implementation

  1. Defining your target processes
  2. Integration into your everyday tools
  3. Testing, user training and production launch
project management Datakeen Consulting

Project management

  1. Team coordination
  2. Monitoring progress indicators
  3. Verification of target achievement

Application maintenance

  1. Corrective maintenance
  2. Change management
  3. Upgrading versions
Datakeen, your partner in innovation
Climb aboard the Artificial Intelligence rocket. We offer you support from start to finish!

Identifying use cases

In the first phase of your collaboration with Datakeen, we focus on identifying your company's specific use cases.

  • Improve and streamline your customers' experience
  • Automate your internal processes and make them more reliable
  • Exploit the latest possibilities of generative AI

Our team of experts is committed to understanding your unique needs. Thanks to this personalized approach, we are able to design tailor-made solutions that respond precisely to your operational challenges and innovation aspirations.

Identifying use cases is the foundation of our partnership. We ensure that every solution we implement is aligned with your strategic objectives, and contributes effectively to the evolution of your business.

use cases datakeen conseil
Project framing Datakeen conseil

Framing the project

We then scope your project. We ensure effective planning and resource management. Our team assesses the budget required, taking into account your objectives and the complexity of the solutions to be implemented.

At the same time, we work with you to define a realistic schedule in line with your deadlines. Whether you opt for an Agile, Waterfall or hybrid approach, our team adapts to ensure that the implementation process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Design and implementation

We carefully define your target processes. Then, our team of experts proceeds to the precise parameterization of the solution. We ensure full integration into your application landscape.

Extensive testing guarantees robustness and security. We offer dedicated user training to facilitate adoption of the solution. Finally, we oversee the production roll-out, ensuring a smooth transition so that you can quickly reap the benefits of the solution within your organization.

Project design with Datakeen Consulting
Piloted by the Datatakeen Conseil team

Project management

In the project management phase, we help you coordinate the various teams involved. We monitor progress indicators. This enables us to assess the progress of the project. This enables us to react proactively to any necessary adjustments, ensuring agile and responsive project management.

At the same time, we check that the objectives defined at the start of our collaboration are being met. This ensures that each stage of the project makes a significant contribution to the realization of your strategic aspirations. The transparency of our steering process gives you continuous visibility, enabling you to make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

We maintain open communication at every stage of the project.

Application maintenance

We provide corrective maintenance, intervening rapidly to resolve any malfunctions and guarantee continuity of operations. At the same time, we provide agile management of any changes required to meet your needs or the operating context.

An optimal upgrade process enables you to take advantage of the latest technological and functional enhancements. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition, minimizing interruptions while optimizing the performance of your solution.

Maintenance by Datakeen Consulting

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