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Free yourself from transferring and writing emails. Save time and respond quickly to all your customers and colleagues. Our email management tool takes care of forwarding to the right person and suggests a personalized, tailored reply.

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Our email management solution frees you from the processing and writing of customer emails.



Build a consistent brand image by adapting emails to your communication style and specific writing tone.

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Create an email workflow to simplify your teams' work. Minimize time spent answering emails.

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Save your teams time and help them focus their efforts on high value-added tasks and files.

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Email routing

Automate the transfer of emails to the right employee. Answer IA recognizes the email subject and identifies the person in charge of replying. The email is routed to their address.

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The nature and tone of the email are identified by our AI. A reply is then generated by Answer IA. You can send the reply or modify it as you wish.

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Automatic responses are set up for certain topics and questions. When you receive such an email, the response is sent to the customer.

Intelligent email identification and routing

Answer IA helps you organize your shared mailboxes. Our email management tool identifies each incoming email. Content and attachments are analyzed, and the mail is forwarded to the right person. 

Our AI also identifies junk mail in your inbox and separates it from your received messages. Datakeen can apply a spam and newsletter filter before redirecting emails from attached boxes.

Reduce processing time and the time spent sorting your mail. Datakeen does it for you! We set up intelligent email management to save you time.

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Email reply suggestion

Take advantage of suggested responses to boost your efficiency when replying to emails. Once the email has been forwarded to the right contact, a personalized suggested reply is offered. This suggestion can be modified at will by your collaborators and sent to provide a rapid response to your customers.

The suggestion made by our artificial intelligence is based on in-depth learning. Our AI takes into account the content of the email, its attachment and the sender's request, but not only that. We refine the results with precise knowledge of previous emails.

Optimize your time management and priorities. Our email management solution helps you send emails up to 10 times faster every day.

Automated replies to recurring emails

Manage your automated responses from our SaaS platform. You can easily set up new automations and modify existing ones. With this feature, our artificial intelligence identifies requests that follow a specific pattern. We can then send a response autonomously.

Datakeen personalizes each response thanks to our precise customer knowledge. We adapt the tone and words used according to your brand image and the message received. Our artificial intelligence is trained using numerous examples. This enables it to show empathy and a desire to solve the problems encountered by your customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Email management

Automate email routing with an email management tool. This will save you a lot of time and help you respond quickly to all your emails and customers.

There are a number of ways to distribute emails among collaborators:

  • Customer portfolio approach: Each employee is responsible for a customer portfolio. They deal with the emails sent by these customers, whatever the subject of the email.
  • Domain approach: Emails are divided up according to each person's area of expertise. The company is divided into sectors (customer service, product, etc.).
  • Mixed approach: Each sales rep is responsible for transactional emails for the customers in his or her portfolio. Other emails are distributed by domain.

Providing customers with a precise, relevant and responsive response makes for a smoother customer journey. They can move through the purchasing process more quickly and smoothly.