Object and product recognition in images and videos

Increase reliability by automating your counting, identification and control process.

It is often difficult to have eyes everywhere, whether it is for quality control, object or product counting. This is especially true for video surveillance, security or supply chain monitoring. These different checks require your full attention or that of your employees. A precious time used for sometimes repetitive and tedious tasks. But such checks can be automated. Our visual analysis solution is now capable of handling all the necessary monitoring points.

How does it work? Following a short learning curve, our solution is able to identify people, objects, products or models, to count them and to detect defects or errors. This information is then provided to the agent in the form of alerts. He or she will then be able to correct the possible failures.

Real-time image and video processing

Analysis, counting and identification of complex objects

Precise detection of materials, color, shape

Systematic control of defects or alterations

Improve the performance of your supply chain, your technicians or your security with our visual analysis solution. Thanks to our platform, product or people counting operations are automated. So is quality control and matching between different models. Take advantage of the high accuracy of our real-time processing platform.

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Learn how our partners benefit from visual analytics.

Our customer, who had to count the flow of products leaving the factory before shipping them to their customers, was doing this operation by hand. A waste of time and a pain for the employees involved. Our software automatically counts these products while performing a quick quality check of each product to ensure that no defects are present.