Verification and analysis of client applications

Avoid risks and gain peace of mind by automating your audit and analysis process of your clients' documents.

Customer records are essential to your business. It is your responsibility to check them before accepting your client's request. However, these records can be very complex and checking them is a tedious job. There is always the risk of missing a detail that could jeopardise the viability of your client's project. Sometimes important documents are not provided to you. Others are even falsified. Today, on average 6% of identity documents presented for administrative purposes are false. A careful check of their authenticity is therefore necessary. This requires precious time. However, it is now possible to automate this process of authenticating documents and scoring files to be sure of choosing a reliable client.

How does it work? After a short learning curve, our solution is able to identify suspicious files. After eliminating the persons at risk, our software performs an in-depth analysis to give each file a security score. So you can trust your customers.

Automated document collection

Verification of the authenticity of documents and the completeness of the file in real time

Compliance with KYC and AML regulations

Configurable validation rules

Improve the accuracy of your analysis of each customer file. Give your staff more time to focus on your customers. Thanks to our platform, the verification of the authenticity of documents and the reliability of your customers is automated. Benefit from an accurate scoring of each file to check the reliability of each customer.

Our off-the-shelf solutions

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Learn how our partners benefit from the analysis of client files.

Our customer needed more security in the choice of its consumers. For each file received, a careful analysis was carried out, but some details were always overlooked. Some of the files were falsified, others followed specific patterns that led to failure. It became necessary to find a solution. Our software takes the information from the customers and analyses it in a few seconds. Thanks to advanced learning, the AI is able to spot fakes and detect connections, even if they are very far away. Our client can now be at ease and regain confidence in his customers.