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Tenant file check

Check your prospective tenants' files in just a few moments. Automate checking of proof of identity, income and residence. Save time selecting and approving tenants.

rental file check
Datakeen fights against LCB FT fraud

Fight against fraud

Spot attempted fraud. Our controls on documents and document information help you spot fraud.

speed datakeen platform

Time saving

Automate the reading and checking of tenant files. Check the authenticity of each piece of identification and supporting document.

customizable datakeen platform


Gather all your tenant files in one place. Our platform integrates with your tools and centralizes files.

decision support

Decision support

Find the best candidates in just a few moments. View, filter and compare rental files on our platform.

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Customized solutions

Tenant file verification tailored to your needs

Give your landlord customers peace of mind and reduce fraud with tenant file verification. IDify lets you tailor the customer experience to your security and fraud prevention needs.

Identity card verification

IDify Standard

Verification of ID and supporting documents

Check your customers' identity documents in seconds

Check the authenticity of proof of income and address

Build owners' confidence in your ability to detect fraud

Facematch tenant file

IDify Facematch

Identity check and photo of prospective tenant

Strengthen your identity verification process with a control selfie

We check that the selfie matches the ID photo

Fight identity theft and document fraud effectively

identity verification by video liveness

IDify Liveness

Identity control & liveliness detection

Looking for even more secure control? IDify Liveness is for you!

Thanks to a short video of the face, we can check its liveliness.

Ensure identity control to the highest standards

rental file check

Identity check

Automate identity checks for prospective tenants

IDify takes care of the tenant file check for you. Automate document and identity checks for your prospective tenants. We'll give you a final verdict in just a few seconds.

tenant file verification

Autonomous deposit path

Give your customers the opportunity to submit their tenant file in just a few clicks. We've built a system specifically for property rental, including pay slips, employment contracts, tax returns, etc.

direct deposit of tenant file

Live verification

For every official document filed, IDify searches dozens of checks. Increase the effectiveness of your fight against fraud and identity theft. Identify falsified documents in a matter of moments.

immediate response to the tenant

Instant verdict

IDify shows you live whether the prospective tenant is suitable for the selected property. You can automate the appointment process and schedule a visit with one of your real estate agents.

Combating rental document fraud

Fraud detection

Identify altered, falsified and spoofed documents

Detect fraud and reduce unpaid rent with IDify. Our artificial intelligence checks the consistency of the information and the match with the applicant's face. You can add further checks from your management space.

JDI and tenant file

Examination of proof of identity

All ID documents added via our tool are checked. IDify lets you check French and foreign identity documents.

In particular: National Identity Card (CNI), Biometric Passport, Residence Permit.

identity protection for prospective tenants

Matching Selfie x Photo ID

Reduce identity theft with proven technologies.

Our algorithms use the knowledge gained from facial recognition to check that the selfie matches the ID photo.

verification of rental file

Inter-documentary consistency

For each document added, the information extracted is compared with that of the other documents:

  • Textual information (last name, first name, address, etc.) is compared with one another.
  • Figures are recalculated and verified
real estate icon

Application of business rules

Once the tenant's file has been checked, IDify verifies the applicant's solvency using calculations specific to the real estate sector. For example:

  • Gross income greater than 3 times the rent for the selected property
  • Guarantors' income more than 3 times the rent

Documents specific to the tenant file

IDify supports a wide range of documents to help you check your rental file. You can easily add or remove accepted documents from your IDify space.

Proof of income

Last three pay slips, last tax assessment,bank statements,K BIS extract, etc.

Professional situation

Employment contract and certificate, attestation from employer, cschool certificates, etc.

Proof of address

Rent receipt, electricity, water, gas or internet bill, etc.

Tenant verification

Centralization platform

Gather all your tenant files in one place

Do you receive tenant files from a variety of sources? Email, ad platforms, your own real estate agency's website, and many others. IDify brings all these files together in one place, helping you to identify the right tenant.

prospective tenant's file

Simplify the application process

Help your customers put together a tenant file. With IDify, you draw up a list of the supporting documents required. All that's left for prospective tenants to do is follow the filing procedure and submit their documents.

validated tenant file

Identify those eligible for visits

Save time and avoid unnecessary visits with IDify. From our platform, you can easily check that the potential tenant's file is complete and eligible before organizing a visit.

selection aid

Select your future tenant

Numerous filtering and sorting options enable you to quickly identify the best rental candidates for a property. Find every rental file on the IDify platform.

selecting a tenant candidate


Offer an interface for filing tenant files

Would you like to take advantage of tenant file verification? IDify offers you a range of onboarding methods to suit different contact channels. Multiply integration methods and receive all applications in one place.

Check iframe folder

IFRAME: Integration in seconds

Find the iframe integration code to copy and paste onto your website. Thanks to the iframe, you benefit from a tenant file verification portal integrated into your website. Our white-label interfaces adapt to your own visual identity.

application email

EMAILS & SMS: For mass mailings

From your customer area, you can send emails and SMS messages to a list of contacts. Accompany this message with a tenant file verification link to collect all files.

CRM connection

CRM: Full automation

Connect your CRM to benefit from A-to-Z automation in just seconds. IDify integrates with many of the most widely used customer management tools.

API integration

API: For native integration

Your API credentials are available in your admin area. Our documentation is available online to support your developers and engineers.

Start checking every tenant file

Contact our experts to find out more about tenant file verification and the options best suited to your business.

Datakeen certifications

Find out more about tenant file verification

Frequently asked questions

Tenant file check

The proof of address certifies that the person lives in the place mentioned. A utility bill (water, electricity, gas, internet) can be used to confirm this. The name of the owner of the contract, linked to the address given, must correspond to the information provided. In some cases, an affidavit may be required to show that a member of the same household is staying at the address given. It is generally assumed that the invoice supplied is less than 3 months old.

Real estate professionals are obliged to verify the identity of future tenants or owners. Here are the required documents:

  • For individuals: check the ID and make a copy of the card if necessary.
  • For legal entities: The real estate agent must check the company's KBIS.

When requesting a rental file, the landlord may require one or more proofs of income from the following list of supporting documents:

  • Last tax assessment
  • Title deeds
  • Property tax notice
  • Notice of award
  • Certificate of housing benefit (CAF)
  • Pay slips
  • Proof of payment of benefits (internship, pension, etc.)
  • Balance sheet or statement of income, KBIS