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Online identity verification

Check your customers' identity remotely. Automate online identity verification for your customers, anywhere in the world. Comply with international KYC AML regulations to combat fraud.

Online identity verification Datakeen
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KYC Compliance

Comply with KYC-AML standards to combat fraud. Reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft.

Datakeen fast identity verification

Direct result

Verify identity live and provide instant response to your users. Provide immediate access to your platform.

Datakeen fights against LCB FT fraud


Maximize conversions with a pleasant user experience. Streamline your customers' experience without neglecting security.

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Integrate IDify into your customer journey with ease. Deliver a seamless customer experience without leaving your platform.

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Customized solutions

Online identity verification tailored to your needs

ID verification, proof of identity, selfie check and proof-of-life video. IDify can help you set up a secure, automated and, above all, user-friendly online identity verification process.

verification of identity documents

IDify Standard

Control and capture of identity documents

Check the authenticity of identity documents in just a few moments

Check authenticity and store information in your database

A quick identity check, useful for an initial inspection

ID facematch

IDify Facematch

Online identity verification process with selfie

Control your customers' digital identity with a selfie

Our AI verifies the match between a selfie and the official ID photo

Secure your process with enhanced identity verification

identity verification liveness

IDify Liveness

Online identity verification + Proof of life

Increase your security with a "proof of life" video

We enhance your anti-fraud security with video identification

Ensure compliance with AML KYC standards for relationship entry

online identity verification

Fight against fraud

Improve your anti-fraud processes

Reduce your exposure to fraud with digital identity verification for all your customers. Spot an altered, falsified or spoofed national card or biometric passport in just a few seconds. Our platform identifies hundreds of checkpoints to detect fraud attempts.

Multiple controls

Search for control points

IDify checks dozens of control points specific to each official document (ID card, e-passport, residence permit).

Our AI...

  • Check that the identity document is valid
  • Check information on proof of identity
  • Search for visual control points
  • Detects suspected fraud
PEP politically exposed persons

Calling up external databases

For optimum security, IDify uses external databases. These include

  • Politically exposed persons (PPE / PEP)
  • Those subject to international sanctions
  • Documents on the public domain
digital identity protection

Protect your customers against identity theft

Increase your security against identity theft. IDify verifies the consistency of documents and information, and matches facial features. Guarantee the security of your customers and your company.

Fighting fraud Datakeen


KYC & RGPD - Ensure the legal compliance of your process

Comply with European and international standards for remote identity verification. Datakeen ensures you comply with legal regulations on the fight against fraud and money laundering LCB-FT, as well as on the confidentiality of personal data RGPD.

KYC regulation icon

KYC AML - Customer knowledge and the fight against money laundering

Raise your online identity verification processes to international KYC-AML standards. Datakeen ensures compliance with KYC and AML standards.

gdpr lock

RGPD - Protecting your customers' personal data

Every customer can prove their identity with complete peace of mind. Our personal data management policy complies with the RGPD. The European Data Protection Regulation is one of our priorities.

Customer Experience

Optimize your identity verification experience

Providing a pleasant identity verification experience is our business! IDify smoothes the customer experience. Ensure your company's security without adding friction to the customer experience. Reinforce their trust in your security processes.

conversion rate

Conversion rate boost

Integrate the IDify customer journey into your interfaces for a seamless experience. Our platform minimizes friction to guide your customers through the online identity verification process. Our customers maintain their acquisition rates while reducing fraud.

rapid identity checks

Reduce processing time

Stop losing customers who are waiting for just one thing: access to your services. IDify automates identity checks so they can enjoy your services without delay. Give access to your services without delay with our live identity verification solution.

online identity verification experience

Offer a personalized experience

Modify the customer journey from our platform.

  • Accept additional documents
  • Force originals to be photographed or accept scans or photocopies of identity documents
  • Select the foreign identity cards and biometric passports that can be added
Photo ID card

File check

Check more than an identity...
Check a customer file

Are you building up customer files? Take advantage of the onboarding procedure to request all necessary supporting documents. Our platform goes further than a simple identity check! IDify analyzes documents and cross-references information to detect any attempt at falsification.

identity verification file

Put together a credit/rental/temporary/employment ...

Our pre-built collection paths enable your customers to deposit their supporting documents. Collect tax notices, account statements, pay slips or other proof of income. Recover corporate documents for legal entities: KBIS, SIRENE, etc.

Set up acceptance rules specific to your business

Customize acceptance rules (validity period, minimum salary, etc.). Automatically separate files that meet your sector's criteria. Filter, sort and compare files in just a few clicks.

A whole library of documents

Need to analyze a specific document? We've got it! Datakeen puts our library of supporting documents (proof of address, income, status, CERFA forms, etc.) at your disposal. But that's not all! We also integrate a panoply of consistency rules between them.

Check Identity documents for each country

Check Verification of information consistency

Check Creation of a complete and verified customer file

Check Support for your company-specific documents

document library


Integrate our online identity verification solution quickly

Would you like to add identity verification to your customer process? IDify offers you multiple integration methods. Whether via API, Iframe, email or SMS, the choice is yours. Need help integrating IDify? Our teams can help.

Identity verification iframe

Integrate in seconds with IFRAME

Thanks to iframe, online identity verification integrates seamlessly into your interfaces. We've created white-label screens with a clean, pleasing design that fits in perfectly with your tools.

identity verification email

Schedule emails and SMS messages

Upload your list of emails or mobile numbers. Send an instant identity verification link to all your customers. By following this unique link, they will access the remote identity verification path.

CRM connection

Connect your CRM to automate the process

Connect your CRM to our tool to automate the sending of an identity verification email. As soon as a customer is registered, they receive a unique link. Once their proof of identity has been checked, all the information entered is added to your CMR.

API integration

Benefit from an intuitive API for native integration

Retrieve your API credentials from your management interface. You can then make any number of calls and retrieve identity data: national identity card number, card issue date, validity date, first and last name, surname, etc.

Verifying your identity online has never been easier

Our experts present our online identity verification tool. Meet AML KYC standards today. Verify your customers' identity in just a few seconds.

Datakeen certifications

Find out more about online identity verification

Frequently asked questions

Identity check

Verifying a person's identity online requires a number of checks.

  1. First of all, you need to check your identity card, electronic passport or residence permit.
  2. Next, a photo or video of the face must be taken to check that the person in question actually holds the document. This step is often referred to as Facematch, ID-Face Check, Liveness Check, etc.
  3. Finally, we check external databases to verify whether the person is politically exposed or on a sanctions list.

Yes, you can connect to our identity control services via API. If you work with developers, we'll give them all the login information they need to set up secure tools. If not, we'll be happy to work with you. We can provide you with a customized solution that's integrated with your existing tools.

If our identity documents are rejected by our SaaS solution, you can choose another method.

  • It is possible to send a request for human verification. This can be handled internally or by one of our partners.
  • You can also reject the ID and send a failure or retry alert.

The acronym KYC (know your customer) stands for Connaissance du client. AML (anti-money laundering) stands for LCB-FT (lutte contre le blanchiment d'argent et le financement du terrorisme).

These European standards represent the security procedures that major companies in the monetary and financial system must implement. Each banking establishment is thus under an obligation of vigilance with regard to the financial operations it authorizes.

Their digital transformation and the provision of online services are therefore subject to certain rules. These identity verification rules are applied during the onboarding and remediation process.

Datakeen can help you install all our SaaS tools. We'll help you implement our digital solutions. What's more, we offer follow-up monitoring for customers who have subscribed to a customized offer.

We make sure that our AI solutions work properly, so that you can work with complete peace of mind. Are you experiencing a problem? Please contact the person responsible for your account or send an e-mail to contact@datakeen.co.

Datakeen ensures secure data processing thanks to SSL (Secure sockets layer) encryption. Our API communicates with your tools using an end-to-end encryption process. Your data and those of your customers are thus secure.

We do not use your data for training or data processing purposes. We do not store your data without your consent. The data we store (when requested) is only available with your access codes.

Remote ID control platforms improve the customer experience and lighten your associates' workload.

ID documents are verified and authenticated in a matter of seconds. A validation or rejection response is given directly to your customer. So they can quickly take advantage of your services.

What's more, automating the control of your customers' digital identity saves your colleagues. The time needed to authenticate and record information, while avoiding typos and other human errors.

Datakeen's online identity verification solution certifies official documents. In particular, we process national identity cards, passports and driving licenses. Our tool then extracts personal information from these documents.

Here is the personal information supported on most documents:

  • Civil status
  • Name
  • First names
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth

And here is the information related to the documents that can be extracted:

  • Document number
  • MRZ belt
  • Date of issue
  • Expiry date

We are able to extract many other fields, so don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.