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KYC AML remediation

Automate the KYC remediation process. Check the validity of your customers' personal information. Simplify the information gathering process to comply with AML KYC standards.

KYC AML remediation
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KYC Compliance

Benefit from a solution that is 100% compliant with European KYC-AML standards.

Datakeen fights against LCB FT fraud

LCB-FT fight

Effectively combat fraud, money laundering (AML) and the financing of terrorism (FT).

automation Datakeen


Automate emailing, collection and processing. IDify extracts, verifies and collates documents.

user experience


Personalize your collection path. Offer a seamless experience tailored to each customer.

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Customized solutions

KYC remediation for your business sector

Updating proof of identity, address and income. IDify helps you build a KYC remediation process that's secure, automated and, above all, easy to use.


KYC remediation in line with banking requirements

Shield KYC check KYC certified

Automate your KYC remediation campaigns. Ensure your processes comply with AML KYC standards.


A collection experience tailored to fintechs

User experience Customer Experience

A smooth, fast and personalized KYC remediation process to offer the best customer experience to fintechs.


Automated remediation for insurance companies

Rapid KYC remediation Automated process

Collect new credentials to update your customer data. Launch a remediation campaign in 3 clicks.


A smooth, fast, frictionless collection experience

Thanks to an intelligent approach to remediation campaigns, IDify offers a pleasant experience for every customer. We personalize the entire process according to the information and documents required.

intelligent kyc remediation

Intelligent collection

For each customer, identify the information to be updated. Identify the document to be added.

collection of identity documents

Deposit path

Provide access to a deposit path specific to the documents requested. Customize the path for your customers.

KYC reminder emails

Automated reminders

Automate the sending of reminder emails to customers who have not yet submitted their documents.


Automatic processing of all your documents

Automate the extraction of information and the updating of the customer file. We then cross-reference the added information with that already present to check the file's authenticity.

scan document


Automate document recognition, then extract and update information.

Secure KYC remediation

Fight against fraud

Detect fraud continuously by checking new documents against the customer file.

Expert in-depth inspection

Hybrid verification

Documents not validated by AI are sent to business experts for a 48-hour check.

Our document library

Datakeen has a library of several thousand documents. Our tool integrates authenticity, membership and consistency checks for all these documents. Would you like to add a document? Our Studio makes it possible.

Check Identity documents by country

Check Authenticity and alteration checks

Check Check membership and compare with file

Check Datakeen Studio lets you add customized documents

documents by country

Monitoring & Analysis

Live monitoring of KYC remediation campaigns

Follow each remediation campaign live from our customer platform. From emailing to document processing, monitor and analyze every stage of the KYC remediation process.

Smart alerts

Receive alerts when fraud attempts are detected. Receive notifications when your customers add documents. Increase your responsiveness in supporting your customers.

Smart alerts for KYC remediation campaigns

Step-by-step follow-up

Stay informed about campaign progress. Follow and analyze each step live from your management interface. Make sure your KYC remediation campaign runs smoothly.

Monitoring and analysis of KYC remediation campaign

Ready to launch your KYC remediation campaign?

Our experts are available to show you our automated KYC remediation tool.

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Frequently asked questions

KYC AML remediation

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze customer documents. In this way, we are able to identify missing documents and claim only what is necessary. In this way, we simplify the process and improve the customer experience.

We offer easy integration with your business platforms and tools via our REST API. You can also customize our document templates to meet your company's specific needs.

Our KYC remediation process ensures rigorous compliance by identifying inconsistencies in customer documents. We also update files in line with regulatory requirements.

With our Studio tool, you can easily add your own company-specific forms. This way, you can create a template in a matter of moments before using it to analyze all your documents. This makes it easy to provide a satisfying experience for your customers and users.

Our tracking platform offers real-time control. You can easily track every stage of your campaigns, receive personalized notifications and support your customers every step of the way.

KYC remediation is the process of verifying and regularly updating customer information to ensure its accuracy and compliance with KYC/AML standards.