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Supply chain audit

Accurately check all your products in and out of your warehouses. Count and verify the quality of each item on delivery and shipment. Improve customer relations by automating proof of shipment.

Automated controls

Automatically inspect all products sent and received

Customer confidence

Automate sending of proofs of delivery and dispatch

Quality control

Ensure the quality of all your parts

Is it for you?

Many companies check only part of their deliveries and shipments for validation. Our solution counts and verifies all products to avoid discrepancies in your supply chain and improve customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

You ship a batch of products or receive a delivery

Our camera detects every incoming and outgoing product

Our tool counts and inspects the quality of each product

The results are recorded and you can track any defective products.


of supply chain disruptions originate from 1st tier suppliers

Why choose Datakeen?

Our control tool helps you manage the arrival and dispatch of products in your warehouses in real time. Take advantage of our visualization interface to reduce friction and optimize your supply chain.

Count all products purchased from your suppliers and sent to your customers

Automatic, precise quality inspection of every item in your supply chain

Identification and location of each product on the production line

Monitoring of each supplier, product and delivery from our user interface

Learn more about our features

Learn more about our features

Intelligent vision

Object identification

Identify your objects and products on your video stream. Our software distinguishes colors, materials and shapes to identify a specific model.


Intelligent vision

Quality control

Control the quality of your products. Using images of your product. Check correspondence with the registered model and detect defects.


Intelligent vision

Counting objects

Differentiate and count your products from a video feed. View the results in real time from our user interface.