Checking an ID card online: 6 checkpoints

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Identity check

National identity cards are official documents that play a vital role in confirming an individual's identity. Verification of these cards is a crucial step in preventing fraud and identity theft.

In this article, we'll explore why ID card verification is essential and how to verify an ID card online. Here are 6 checkpoints not to be overlooked.


The document shown is one of the identity documents


There are many documents that can attest to a person's identity. In France, however, only certain documents are accepted as official proof. These identity documents are secure and can be verified. Here is the list of secure documents:

  • The new identity card dates from 2021.
  • The old CNI (Carte Nationale d'Identité) from 2003.
  • Biometric passports for all nationalities (valid passport).
  • Driver's license with photo ID.
  • Residence permit.


For security reasons, the passport must not be valid beyond its expiry date.


Personal information


Personal information is at the heart of every ID card. It's essential to check that the full name (including surname) matches the person in the photo.


Make sure you also check the date of birth and signature, as these are essential to confirm the cardholder's identity. Be on the lookout for any typos or errors, as these could indicate an attempt at forgery. Don't forget to check the validity of the identity card. Expired identity documents are less secure.


As a general rule, we try to detect at least 2 alterations before giving a verdict on the authenticity of an identity document. If we manage to detect at least 2 errors on the known control points, then we can say that the document is falsified.


During verification, it is advisable to compare the information on the ID document with an ancillary document, such as an employment contract, proof of address or accommodation, tax notice, tax documents, etc. This kind of thorough verification enhances the security of the process. A thorough check of this kind enhances the security of the process.


Identity card number


The national identity card number is a key element in verifying the authenticity of the document. It is essential to ensure that the alphanumeric string complies with the identity card issuing rules in terms of length. It is also essential to check that the rules for generating the number correspond to official standards, to guarantee the integrity of the document. The slightest error in the number may indicate an attempt at falsification.


Safety features


Security features play a crucial role in the validation of an ID card. A complex watermark, an embossed hologram, microtext readable under magnification, precise perforations and the presence of a microchip are all signs that prove the authenticity of a document. The security features are different for each of the secure credentials that can be used as official identity documents.

To check an ID card online, we recommend that you compare it with your national identity card. Look for specific features and check for similarities on the document to be verified.


Identity card security features


Among the checkpoints that can be used to verify an ID card online, we have :

  • The RF logo and Marianne's face in profile on the ID photo.
  • The motifs on the bottom right of the ID card.
  • The QR code on the back of the card.
  • The microchip, in the same place.
  • The passport photo, reduced in size, with the French flag in the background.


identity card checkpoints

When you carry out an online check, be sure to examine each of these elements carefully, even the smallest ones, to protect yourself against any risk of fraud. To help you in this task, familiarize yourself with the standard security features of ID cards issued by the relevant authorities.


Datakeen verifies security features


If you have several identity documents to check, our identity verification solution can help. Our tool takes into account not only the above control points, but also a substantial list of additional control elements. Our AI checks very specific elements such as :

  • Microprint text control
  • Optically variable ink detection
  • Checking color iridescence
  • Identifying guilloches and embossing


Checking these elements is part of the value added by our expertise. We provide reliable identity verification to quickly detect false documents. Learn more about our anti-fraud intelligence here.


The MRZ or ZLA band


The Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) corresponds to 2 or 3 lines of special characters. It is located :

  • At the bottom of the back of the 2021 identity card.
  • At the bottom of the front for 2003 ID cards.


These inscriptions are used for automated reading of national identity cards by computers. They can also be used to verify the authenticity of a French identity card by ensuring that they match the information on the card.


Manufacturing errors


When checking an ID card online, it's essential to ensure that there are no typing errors, that the print quality and colors are correct, and that the medium is valid. A simple typing error can not only cause embarrassment, but also indicate a possible attempt at fraud.


The quality of the printing and colors can confirm the authenticity of the card and help detect counterfeit items. In addition, the card material must comply with official specifications and be free from defects.


Particular attention must be paid to security features such as watermarks, microtext and perforations, which can be altered or misprinted in the event of fraud. Therefore, careful verification is essential to guarantee authenticity and avoid error or fraud.




By following these 6 checkpoints for verifying an ID card online, you'll be able to effectively detect fake documents and ensure the security of your online transactions. Take the time to examine each point in detail, and rest assured that the person you're dealing with is who they claim to be. Vigilance is the key to online security.


Don't forget that online identity card verification is a crucial step in the fight against fraud and identity theft. By applying these checkpoints, you'll be helping to strengthen the security of your administrative procedures and prevent fraudulent activity.

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Frequently asked questions

Make sure that your national identity card number is correct in terms of length and generation, by checking the official rules for issuing the card.

At Datakeen, we have identified 6 key elements that must be checked to identify a fake ID:

  • Document support
  • Personal information
  • The identity number
  • Safety features
  • The MRZ belt
  • Any manufacturing error

Online verification of identity cards is crucial in preventing fraud and identity theft, ensuring the security of online transactions and activities.

When checking, look for features such as watermarks, holograms, microtext, precise perforations and microchips to guarantee the card's authenticity.