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Supply Chain

Automate flows to minimize costs and risks

With Datakeen, optimize your flow and stock management. Control your orders, deliveries and shipments to ensure that you have proof of receipt and dispatch.

Inventory management

Optimize your orders so you always have the right quantity for each part

Time saving

Automate quality control and counting of parts and products

Cost reduction

Automate supply chain management to generate trust and compliance

Our integrated solutions

Our integrated solutions help you automate your supply chain. Our intelligent vision functionalities for the supply chain help you build customer confidence. Speed up delivery and shipment verification. Digitalize your inventory management and quickly check the quality of all your products. 

Document processing

Document processing

Capture important information from your documents. Verify the authenticity of official documents and the completeness of personalized documents.

Datakeen - KYC document processing

Intelligent vision

Inventory and stock management

Automate inventory management and benefit from accurate and immediate tracking. Our tool identifies each product to show you where it is in real time.


Intelligent vision

Supply chain audit

Count and verify the quality of each item at the time of delivery and shipment. Improve the quality of your customer relationships by automating proof of shipment.